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Matura 2013. Język angielski, pytania i odpowiedzi. Rozwiąż próbny test maturalny w serwisie!

Jest już dostępny test przygotowujący do egzaminu maturalnego z języka angielskiego. Sprawdź się! Zobacz, czy umiesz już wszystko!

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Zdjęcie ilustracyjne
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Matura podstawowa

1. Wysłuchaj dwukrotnie nagrania, zamieszczonego na stronie Następnie odpowiedz na pytania 1.1.-1.5., zaznaczając właściwą, czyli zgodną z treścią nagrania odpowiedź.

1.1. Sweet Sixteen is a party thrown by:

a) rich Americans,
b) all Americans,
c) American celebrities.

1.2. At Sweet Sixteen, the birthday person:

a) doesn't get any other presents apart from a fancy party itself,
b) gives invitations to limited number of friends,
c) gets the biggest piece of cake.

1.3. Laura wanted to celebrate her birthday:

a) at the movies with her friends,
b) at the beautician's and hairdresser's,
c) with her parents.

1.4. Laura didn't expect any surprise until:

a) Friday, 14 August,
b) she was taken to a shopping mall,
c) heard her father's conversation.

1.5. At Equilibrium, Laura was:

a) upset and angry,
b) surprised and grateful,
c) surprised but angry.

2. Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Zaznacz znakiem X, które zdania są zgodne z treścią tekstu (T – True), a które nie (F – False).

Model Italian marriage

Marco lives in a nice town called Tropea in Calabria, a region in the south of Italy. Since he was a little boy, he has known that he must find a wife, but not just any wife. His wife must be beautiful and religious. She must go to church very often, even every day. And what is more, she cannot be intelligent. Such a picture of an ideal wife was drawn for Marco by his mother whom he loved very much.

'Marco, she always said, 'Remember to choose a girl who can cook and clean, and who finished only a few classes at school.'
'Why should I marry an unintelligent girl?' Marco asked his mother.
'My dear,' answered his mother, 'Marry such a girl and you will always be everything for her. This is what marriage is all about. But if you don't find such a woman, don't worry - Mama will find you someone.'

Marriages in the south of Italy look just like this. The region is very traditional and a bit behind the rest of the modern world. A wife has only two things to do in life: to serve her husband and God. A husband is the most important man in the house and the center of family life. He can't do any housework because that would dishonour him. When he gets home from work, his wife is waiting for him with his slippers, puts them on his feet, and invites her hungry husband to have dinner. The table is set and full of food, and the whole family is waiting at the table. The wife and children cannot start eating without the husband present. If he is late, the family must wait. The wife serves the food to her husband.

After dinner, they drink coffee. The wife always puts sugar in her husband's coffee and stirs it. A husband doesn't do it - he just drinks the coffee. During dinner, the man talks about his successes, and the woman admires him. She must do this even when her husband has a bad job. He has to feel good. A man, on the other hand, never compliments his wife because that would be shameful. She knows she is important to him and that he loves her. A wife must also prepare her husband's clothes, clean his shoes, and help him dress. He has to look good. Only a wife chooses a husband's clothes - he never does it. While he is at work, his wife gets together with all the women in the family, and they cook together for their husbands. The men can't be hungry!

Another very important rule in the south of Italy is that a man's mother is the most important person for him, and nothing will change this. Mama is always right. Mama cooks best and can do everything. She accepts the wife and teaches her how to be a good Italian wife. She tells her how to wash, clean, cook, and admire her husband. This never changes. Many years after the wedding, the mother still comes and checks on her son and his wife. She always criticizes the wife. She says she is a bad cook, she can't iron, she can't clean. The wife can't argue with Mama. She must agree with her and try to do better.

This traditional southern Italian model seems very old-fashioned, but Italian women like it. They don't want to change it. Husbands make them happy, and they don't have to work like other European women. They can do all the things women do: cook, clean and take care of their children. They feel good doing these things. For Italian women, this traditional family model makes everyone equal. Women can be perfect wives and mothers. Nobody should take it away from them.

2.1. Marco's wife must be pretty, love God and be smart.
2.2. No family dinner can start without the father of the family.
2.3. Italian men don't drink sweet coffee.
2.4. Italian husbands seldom truly love their wives.
2.5. Italian wives do all household chores for their husbands.
2.6. Italian wives have to respect their mothers-in-law and can never disagree with them.

Matura rozszerzona

1. Wysłuchaj dwukrotnie nagrania, umieszczonego na stronie, a następnie odpowiedz na pytania 1.1-1.5, zakreślając odpowiedzi A, B lub C.

1.1. Geeks are not popular because:

a) they are too intelligent and lack personality skills,
b) they are too ignorant to become friends with anybody,
c) their parents don't let them become friends with others.

1.2. Inbetweeners can join:

a) none of the groups at school,
b) all the groups at school,
c) any group.

1.3. The popular girls at schools are usually:

a) good-looking and very good at sport,
b) good-looking but not very good at sport,
c) good-looking and very intelligent.

1.4. High school sporting events are usually attended by:

a) a huge number of people,
b) a small number of people,
c) an average number of people.

1.5. People who are more popular will usually have:

a) the same number of sexual partners as the less popular people,
b) no sexual partners,
c) more sexual partners than the less popular people.

2. Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, z którego usunięto pięć zdań. Dobierz brakujące zdania, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. W każdą lukę wpisz literę, którą oznaczone jest brakujące zdanie (A–E).

When you walk through the streets, you will notice a lot of walls which have drawings on them. (2.1.) _____ Which one of the two is it?

To begin with, why is graffiti considered a form of art? (2.2.) _____ Let us not forget that such a masterpiece very often covers the entire wall, so some planning skills are also necessary here.

Graffiti may be used as a form of expressing concern about the world or as a form of honouring an influential person. (2.3.) _____ Some graffiti authors want to inform us that something is wrong, like when they draw a small poor child, who is very often invisible to people.

Graffiti may also be vandalism, especially when the so called 'tags' are written on a wall. (2.4.) _____ Not to mention that a tag will most likely be written in black ink and look like it was done by a six-year-old child. Such graffiti definitely cannot be called art.

For many people, graffiti is vandalism, but for me graffiti is a true form of art. (2.5.) _____ It is also a way of making people aware of certain social problems. Yes, there are some forms of graffiti which are acts of vandalism, but, for the most part, graffiti is pure art.

A. It's a way of promoting oneself, but does anybody really care what somebody's nickname is?
B. That's graffiti, by some considered a form of art, by others - nothing more than vandalism.
C. It's obvious people who use graffiti should be talented.
D. Just think about such people, as the rapper 2Pac or Pope John Paul II.
E. It takes a lot of talent, time, and planning skills.

3. Uzupełnij poniższy tekst, przekształcając wyrazy podane w nawiasach, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.

Why Do Americans Love Watching Television?

America needs an escape from its pain and 3.1. _______ (SUFFER). Right now, that relief is television. America does not spend time reading books and going out – America spends time in front of the TV screen. There are 4,000 studies of how television affects children, but American mothers and fathers still spend only 3.5 minutes on 3.2. _______ (CONVERSE) with their children every day.

We use reality television as a chance to get inside someone else’s life for a while, to get inside their minds. That’s another can of worms - why do so many Americans like reality television shows? Reality television shows like Survivor present how it is to spend a month in China in the middle of summer with almost no food. The Amazing Race tells us how we should race across the world to win a million dollars. Many Americans sit down every evening to watch these shows but would never dare 3.3. _______ (PARTICIPANT) in them – it would be too exhausting. America is becoming lazier and lazier, and half of today’s teenagers would choose to watch a bad show rather than move and pick up the remote. Wake up, America!

America needs to wake up and get moving again. It needs to forget about television. 30% of the time on American television is devoted to 3.4. _______(ADVERTISEMENT). That’s 30% of time that kids should be spending elsewhere – having 3.5. _______ (MEAN) conversations with their parents, doing the dishes – anything to keep them away from TV sets.



poziom podstawowy
1.2. B
1.3. A
1.4. C

2.1. F
2.2. T
2.6. T

poziom rozszerzony
1.1. A
1.2. C
1.3. B
1.4. A
1.5. C

2.1. B
2.2. C
2.3. D
2.4. A
2.5. E

3.1. suffering
3.2. conversation
3.3. participate
3.4. advertising
3.5. meaningful

Kolejne testy przygotowujące do matury już w środę, 20 marca. Część trzecia - 27 marca. Polecamy!


Matura 2013, język polski, matematyka, język angielski. Próbne testy maturalne w serwisie!

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